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Appellate Law

The law that attorneys use to prove or disprove their case in the courtroom is known as “common law” or “case law,” and it is comprised of the written decisions or opinions of appellate court judges. These opinions can be used to prove other cases based on similar facts. Appellate decisions are distinguished from statutory law (the rules enacted by legislative bodies) and administrative law (the regulations established by governmental agencies based on authority granted by the legislature).

When a party is dissatisfied with a trial court decision, they have a right to appeal to the appellate courts. In North Carolina, the appellate court system consists of the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. Practice before these courts is commonly referred to as "appellate law."

In the appeals process, there is no discovery, and the appellate record is limited to what was presented to the trial court. An appeal is presented to a multi-judge panel and is usually decided almost entirely on the parties' written briefs, although the rules allow for oral argument in the Court's discretion.

It is vitally important to have your position represented by a law firm with exceptional writing skills, particular attention to the details of your situation, and a great amount of experience operating within the appellate court system in North Carolina.

Prince, Youngblood & Massagee, PLLC has over 20 years experience in appellate law in North Carolina, and can assist you with integrity and competence. Please call us at 828/ 692-2595 or send us an email  to set up an appointment.

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Prince, Youngblood & Massagee, PLLC, Attorneys at Law, Hendersonville, North Carolina
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