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Criminal Defense Law

Criminal defense is the representation of individuals and groups that have been charged with a crime. These crimes can be violent, drug-related, non-violent, or driving-related.

Criminal lawyers represent defendants facing criminal charges in state, federal and appellate courts. The scope of practice includes bond hearings, plea bargains, trial, revocation hearings (parole or probation), appeals and post-conviction remedies. A criminal lawyer must:

  • Investigate the case and interview witnesses
  • Research case law, statutes, criminal codes and procedural law
  • Build a defense and develop a case strategy
  • Negotiate with the prosecution to plea bargain to lesser charges
  • Draft, file and argue motions such as motions to dismiss and motions to suppress
  • Advocate for the defendant at trial
  • Draft, file and argue appeals

If you are accused of a crime, it can seriously impact your life. Criminal penalties in North Carolina range from a monetary fine to prison time in the Department of Corrections. Our firm can help you take control of the process, and assist you in making the right decision about how to proceed. Some cases that we handle are:

  • Traffic violations (speeding, improper equipment, driving without a license/revoked license)
  • Driving While Intoxicated (offense and limited driving privileges)
  • Drug offenses (possession of substances, possession of paraphernalia, intent to sell/manufacture)
  • Violent crimes (assault, domestic violence, threats)
  • Non-violent crimes (theft, fraud, embezzlement)
  • All other misdemeanor and felony charges
  • Expunctions of criminal records (where allowed)
  • Witness representation

Prince, Youngblood & Massagee, PLLC is committed to helping you understand the law and to helping you pursue justice. We have operated in Henderson County since the early 1900's and are highly familiar with the legal system here. Please call us at 828/ 692-2595 or send us an email  to set up an appointment.

Visit our office at the corner of Washington Street and Third Avenue, next to the Henderson County Public Library, only blocks from Historic Downtown Hendersonville.

Prince, Youngblood & Massagee, PLLC, Attorneys at Law, Hendersonville, North Carolina
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