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Trusts and Estates

The law of trusts and estates is considered to be the body of law governing the management of personal affairs and the disposition of property of a person in anticipation of the event of the person's death or incapacity--also known as the law of successions (civil law).

Trusts and estate techniques are often used to fulfill the wishes of philanthropic bequests or charitable gifts through the creation and management of charitable trusts.

You may also choose to arrange your property so that it can bypass the probate process upon your death, in order to expedite the process of transferring assets to your loved ones.

A major factor in trust and estate law is to minimize one's tax exposure. The proper use of trusts my reduce your tax burden.

Proper planning through the use of trusts and estates can also allow a certain amount of control of how the trust is handled.

Prince, Youngblood & Massagee PLLC will be happy to assist you with questions about trusts and estates, and to explain the options available to you to help you meet your goals. We have operated in Henderson County since the early 1900's and are highly familiar with the legal system here. Please call us at 828/ 692-2595 or send us an email  to set up an appointment.

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Prince, Youngblood & Massagee, PLLC, Attorneys at Law, Hendersonville, North Carolina
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